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Excellent Professional to Work With
Ismail is an excellent professional to work with. He responds very quickly, is very professional, provides great advice and has done a great job with all the issues we have faced. With our website. Thank you, Ismail.

At a reasonable price. He got back my account so we decided to delete and shut down Facebook.
From nowhere I failed to log into Facebook
After days of failed attempts, tried to reset it through Gmail which I found later was also hacked.
Frustrated for days, someone sends me a WhatsApp message that he had hacked my Facebook account and my whole phone including my gallery. With very little technical support, He asked to be sent £100 or else he was to leak my naked pictures on Facebook. Which I sent.
Hilariously after receiving the money, he leaked two of my photos and posted that “I needed a dick tonight”. If you have been there before, you can relate to the anxiety, stress and depression experienced at that moment. I felt hopeless as calls come in from my closest relatives, friends and church elders.
Scared for my life, reputation and my career. My aunty called me to her office, we involved the police as they also asked for lots of money to help us out and support the situation. After trials and errors.
Her assistant reminded her how Ismail from ISI+SOFT Technologies could help us out.
At a reasonable price. He got my account back so we decided to delete and shut down the account. Thanks for the great support God bless you

We use ISI+SOFT Technologies to provide several types of services for us.
"We had them update our website, which we are very pleased with and it's a great improvement over the previous website. We also had them do networking IT stuff for us. One of our biggest concerns in the past was that we weren't sure if we were getting a full backup. They put a system in place where they monitor the backups. If something goes wrong or doesn't look right, they get in touch with us. We are very pleased with the service they have been providing."
Excellent Technical Services
We have been happy with the services ISI+SOFT Technologies has provided and would recommend their work to anyone looking for a technical services company.
Extremely efficient, easy to contact and very friendly
"We use both PCs and Macs in our office and until now I’ve never found real PC and Mac expertise under one roof. Not only that, they are extremely efficient, easy to contact and very friendly. They always consider the most-effective way to handle problems or even upgrades. I highly recommend their services to everyone."
"On a daily basis, their project manager was one of the best I’ve ever worked with."
The project was finished on time and on budget. The look and feel of the Web app has received positive feedback, and the design is very high quality. ISI+SOFT Technologies’s project manager listens well and manages her internal team efficiently and effectively.
wow thanks mr segawa respect
Fast & elegant websites
“Our average web page build times were cut from days using other companies to hours with ISI+SOFT Technologies.”
Wow thanks Mr Mpaamu Grace Martin respect
it was our pleasure to work with you