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17 October, 2020
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Advisor Solar irrigation and Horticulture

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The Deutsche Gesellschaft fiir Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is owned by the Federal Republic of Germany with operations in many countries around the world, including Uganda. GIZ implements commissions for the German government and other national and international, public and private sector clients within the framework of the international cooperation between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of Uganda.
Green People's Energy Uganda
Green People's Energy (Grtine Biirgerenergie) is an initiative launched by German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Gerd Miiller. in June 2017 as part of the Marshal Plan with Africa. The initiative is implemented in nine focal countries Benin, Cote d'lvoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, Uganda and Zambia.
The country project GBE Uganda is promoting solar irrigation through:
1) Solar Powered Irrigation Trainings and skills development Trainings and curricula for solar irrigation are developed and adapted tor broader introduction at rural training institutes. The capacities of teachers and trainers will be improved enabling them to train technicians on proper design, installation and maintenance oi solar irrigation systems. The trainings will be carried out in partnership with Vocational Training Institutes (VTls) in Northern Uganda including Daniel Comboni Vocational institute (DC-VI) Gulu and external consultants. These VTIs will also receive support to set-up demonstration sites for solar irrigation.
2) Access to solar irrigation tor cooperatives, Agro-$MEs, farmer groups and smallholder farmers Solar irrigation has been identified by GBE Uganda as a market-ready Productive Use of Energy (PuE) application. The emphasis lies on the promotion of small-scale irrigation for off-season horticulture and resilience against droughts. The beneficiaries will receive technical and financial support to acquire and properly use solar irrigation systems in combination with advice on good and sustainable water use, agricultural practices as well as business development and income generation.
This shall allow them to increase their productivity, their resilience to adverse weather conditions and lead to higher income generation. GIZ GBE Uganda will use both its inhouse expertise but also partners and external expert consultants to conduct trainings for the said beneficiaries. For this purpose, demonstration and training sites will be set-up at farmer schools and for model groups.
GIZ is recruiting an Advisor Solar Irrigation and Horticulture to support the implementation of their activities.
Job title Advisor Solar irrigation and Horticulture
GIZ Green People’s Energy Uganda
Reports to: Project Coordinator
Job Location: Gulu with frequent travels in Northern Uganda
Bet. No EFF/ASI&H/102052 .

Key Responsibilities
• Support the advisor PuE in charge of solar irrigation in the implementation of horticulture trainings both at the demo gardens and in the communities, farmer schools etc.
• Handle the operation and implement improvements for the demonstration gardens/sites.
• Regular engagement/communication with key partners such as Engineers Without Boarders—USA (EWB-USA), Daniel Comboni Vocational institute (DC-VI), local governments, stakeholders engaged in agricultural advisory and key programmes under GIZ Uganda in the area of energy (PREEEP) and rural development (PRUDEV).
• Support advise and monitor partners of GBE Uganda implementing trainings and other activities in relation to solar irrigation promotion and horticulture.
• Monitor all demo garden activities and follow up with beneficiaries in the field who intend to commercialize their horticulture farming using solar powered irrigation.
• Promote sustainable and responsible use of resources with a focus on water and soil.
• Adhere to the principles of gender mainstreaming and gender inclusion in her/his work.
• Always uphold GIZ's values of sustainable development, transparency, efficiency and anti-corruption towards the public, partners, government, private sector and institutions.

The Advisor Solar Irrigation and Horticulture will be expected to perform the following tasks:
Specific Tasks
Horticulture Garden operation and operation supervision
The advisor uses her/his agronomic skills to ensure that:
• Seedlings are grown at the project's nursery greenhouses and transplanted
• Vegetable crops are growing well and protected from harm (pests, diseases, weeds)
• Daily and seasonal irrigation schedules are prepared Crops are irrigated responsibly, soil fertility is maintained, erosion controlled
• Appropriate schedules for any related activities as described above and budgets tor inputs, maintenance etc. are developed timely
• All activities are regularly documented in structured reports
• All tools and equipment are well maintained and used appropriately inputs are used responsibly and restocked timely
Practical Irrigation Horticulture Trainings
• Conduct and support irrigated horticulture trainings at the project's demonstration gardens, in the communities and at farmer schools, etc.
• Regular field support to beneficiaries Support beneficiaries in the use of solar powered irrigation and the application of good farming practices for horticulture through field advisory at their gardens
• Assess the baseline status of beneficiaries and conduct follow-up monitoring and evaluation to document the impact of solar irrigation on agricultural productivity and income
• Regular support to and engagement with partners Act as liaison person for relevant partnerships such as DCVI, EWB-USA and others
• Establish sound and transparent relations with the beneficiaries, related GIZ commissions under PREEEP and other GIZ programmes (Rural Development etc.)
• Support, monitor and advise implementation partners of GBE Uganda through field visits and the participation in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of joint activities
• Equitable, transparent and fair delivery of support services to all partners & beneficiaries
Project administration
• Maintain all documentation of project activities in line with GIZ standards and support the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework for the project
• Ensure correct visibility for the project and contribute to communications materials
• Adherence to GIZ regulations incl. among others finance, administration and procurement
• Liaise regularly and communicate issues with project manager and development advisor.
Other duties
• Carries out other tasks at the request of the superior.
Valid Till
29 Oct, 2020

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