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31 October, 2020
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Technical Advisor - Green Economic Recovery Global Carbon Markets

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The Government of Uganda has developed its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to reduce vulnerability to climate change in priority sectors as well as reduce its GHG emissions by 22% in 2030, compared to the business as usual scenario, through priority actions in the forestry, wetlands, energy, transport, and agriculture sectors, among others. However, the current COVID ‘I9 pandemic might delay the current efforts and divert attention from urgent climate actions. Despite the COVlD-19 constrained situation, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED)and the other NDC Partnership focal points-Ministry of Water and Environment/Climate Change Department (MWE/CCD) and National Planning Authority (NPA)-would like to keep the momentum of climate action going while ensuring a sound economic recovery.
Through the NDC-Partnership, the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) commissioned the Global Carbon Markets Programme which will support the position of an Economic advisor to work on a ‘Green economic recovery for Uganda, The Technical Adviser will be embedded in the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development under direct supervision from the Director-Debt and Cash Policy.
The technical advisor shall work in close collaboration with the Commissioner - Ministry of Water and Environment/Climate Change Department and the NDC partnership focal point in the National Planning Authority
GIZ looking for a Technical Advisor- Green Economic Recovery to support in the implementation of its programmes.
Title: Technical Advisor - Green Economic Recovery Global Carbon Markets
Reports to: Head of project- Global Carbon Markets
Location: Kampala
Contract duration 12 months
Ref. No GIZ — GIZ-GCMP/TA-GER/102058 .

Key Responsibilities
• Provide technical input to integrate climate-resilient and low-emission measures into Governments short, mid- and long-term responses to COVID-19 including but not limited to Uganda's COVID 19 3 Response strategy.
• Strategic level planning to guide implementation of post COVID 19 green economic recovery activities focusing on greening the 18 programs of the NDP ill.
• Facilitate resource mobilization towards COVID 19 green economic recovery measures including project proposal development and identification of detailed sources of funding.
• Engage government, private sector, development partners and other key stakeholders to facilitate identification of suitable green economic recovery measures.
• Produce quarterly and final progress reports.

Specific Tasks
Coordination and technical backstopping
in consultation with the Director Debt and Cash Management:
• Assess the preliminary effects of COVlD-19 on NDC revision arid implementation processes. Assess the impact of COVID-19 on social aspects and the government economic stimulus packages, in relation to national climate related policies, programs, and strategies being applied.
• Produce Policy Paper on viable tax instruments, penalties and fines under title climate change loge} regime.
• identity and quantify appropriate short-, mid and long-term climate-resilient economic(including social, political, and environmental) measures that the Government can consider supporting the country in recovering from COVID-19 impact,
• Elaborate arrangements and appropriate mechanisms for national financing vehicle.
• Recommend measures on low-emissions and climate resilient investments to be included in -the immediate and medium-term COVID-19 recovery strategy.
• Assess potential of utilization of market approaches (emissions trading, carbon pricing, and article 6 of the Paris Agreement etc.) in fostering low emission economic recovery measures.
• Propose innovative de-risking instruments through a policy paper.
• Support low-emission and climate-resilient project proposal development for economic recovery across line ministries.
• identity potential sources of financing for low emission and climate-resilient projects that can support COVID-19 response measures.
• identify potential sources of finance, including climate finance or blended finance windows and support the development of suitable funding proposals and proposals to access project preparation facilities.
• Support resource mobilization for economic recovery through the NDC Partnership and other networks for coordination of development partners towards economic recovery initiatives for COV|D~19 and low emission and climate-resilient actions and SDG targets.
Communication and Knowledge management
in consultation with the project legit, support in:
• Preparing communication materials such as project fact sheets and power point presentation.
• Submit monthly and quarterly progress reports to MFPED, NPA, MWE/CCD and the NDC-Partnership support unit.
• Develop and submit final project report.
Analysis and research
in consultation with the project lead,
• Research and review latest developments and best practises in formulation and implementation of green economic recovery measures worldwide and recommend any measure adoptable to the Ugandan context.
General obligations; the Technical Advisor shall
• Act professionally in a corporate work environment.
• Be pro-active and able to work independently.
• Be familiar with government planning, implementation and reporting procedures.
• Keep him-/herself updated about the current developments in economic policy, international climate discussions etc.
• Performs other duties and tasks at the request of management

• Master's Degree preferably in Economics, Sustainable Development, Climate Change or professional qualification in environment or natural resource management and related fields.

Professional experience
• At least 5 years of professional experience in the implementation of climate change related projects
• Experience in carbon markets and climate change mitigation projects
• Experience-in the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) processes such as the participation of Conferences of the Parties (COP) or supporting implementation of NDCs

Additional competences
• Demonstrated ability to process, analyse and synthesize complex technical information from different disciplines e.g. in the areas of energy, environment, agriculture, climate change, natural resource management.
• Good organizational and communication skills, with demonstrated ability to draft technical documents, knowledge products etc.
• Ability to network, build and maintain professional relationships with government, development partners and private institution.
• Strong teamwork skills and operate in a diverse and multicultural work environment.
• Consultancy experience to deliver outputs in the field of economics, sustainable development, natural resources management, finance, climate change or a related field.
• 6+ years of professional experience in public and private sectors, ideally related to infrastructure and performance, public investment, policy development, project development, and fundraising
• More than 5 years of develop the project proposals with renowned development partners such as World Bank, African Development Bank, Green Climate Fund, Global Environment Facility, European Union among others.
• 3+ years of substantial experience in business development, capital raising, and/or developing public
• private partnerships with a successful track record in climate finance related activities.
• Experience working with government stakeholders in national and/or regional policy development and implementation in climate change activities.
• Good understanding of international bilateral and multilateral climate frameworks such as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), carbon pricing and carbon market-based mechanisms.
• Experience across multiple contexts, and an understanding of international policy debates and challenges in climate finance and economics.
• Excellent English language skills (spoken and written). .
• Very good project management and organizational skills.
• Good working knowledge of ICT and computer applications (e.g. MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.)

Work Hours: 8
Valid Till
12 Nov, 2020

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