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Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA )
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05 January, 2021
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Director Human Resource& Administration

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Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) is a corporate body responsible for regulation of civil aviation in Uganda. It manages Entebbe International Airport (EIA] and thirteen (13) other upcountry aerodromes. UCAA carries out its work in conformity with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAU} Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). The Authority now plans to recruit a suitably qualified
Ugandan of impeccable integrity and commitment to fill the following position in its establishment as detailed below:
REPORTS TO : Director General
AGE: From 35 to 50 years of Age.
JOB PURPOSE : Responsible for Human Resource Management, General Administration. Estates and Land Management, Motor Vehicle Fleet management and maintenance and provision of Land transport services. .

Strategic Planning and Review
• Provides clear focus direction into the role and function of the organization
• Provides clear focus and direction into the role and function of the directorate.
• Understands and shares the UCAA Vision, Mission & Values with the directorate's Senior staff and ensures understanding of the same by all Directorate's staff.
• Coordinates the preparation of the Directorate's Operational Budgets, produces budget reports and presents to Management.
Initiates budget estimates.
• Liaises with Senior departmental staff in the Human Resource and Administration Directorate and provides Budget estimates covering:
1. Human Resource and Training
2. Administration and Transport
3. Staff, Salaries, Welfare and benefits.
Leads the Departments of the Directorate.
• Ensures an effective Human Resources, and Training Function.
• Provides leadership to Administration and Transport Function.
• Ensures the provision of various house services and facilities..
• Proposes new policies and procedures and amends and updates old ones for
• consideration by management and the Board.
• Within the prescribed guidelines. deploys, trains and develops staff of the Directorate.
Develops and implements the Authority's Human Resource plans in accordance with the governing policies and procedures.
• In liaison with tastes and with the approval of relevant organs of the Authority
• determines the headcount numbers for the Authority‘s Strategic Plan and Master plan.
• Ensures an accurate and comprehensive determination of Human Resources costs for the Plans keeping in mind reduction of employment costs.
Develops and implements the Authority's Administration and Transport plans in accordance with the governing policies and procedures.
• In liaison with the Directorates, Management and the Board, determines the requirements for Administration of the Authority's Strategic plan and Master Plan.
• Ensures an accurate and comprehensive determination of Administrative costs for the Plans within the overall objective of cost rationality
Designs, develops and implements manpower development programmes in order to build an efficient workforce capable of executing the Authority's objectives cost effectively, while remaining loyal and fully committed.
• Designs. recommends for approval and implements effective staff appraisal system to enable equitable selection of candidates.
• Designs effective internal and external staff training programmes and avails them for approval before implementation.
• Ensures that all Directorates embrace effective coaching and on-the-job training in order to develop staff for future promotion within available guidelines.
Periodically reviews terms and conditions of service in order to bring in more relevant provisions and to introduce better terms,
• Carries out research and surveys amongst comparable organizations and recommends any of their practices that are deemed superior and would be suitable for UCAA.
• Reviews existing Terms and Conditions of Service and makes recommendation for consideration by Management and the Board as applicable.
• Carries out employee opinion surveys in order to prompt any potential disagreements and resolves them promptly.
Continuously manages UCAA's relationship with its employees carefully and with the level of dexterity that promotes trust and healthy industrial relations.
• Encourages an open—door policy that enables staff to air their views and problems without fear.
• Supports and encourages Union activities so as to promote mutual trust.
Initiates, organizes, conducts, as may be applicable, staff recruitments, appointments, confirmations, promotions, discipline and dismissals or terminations.
• Ensures that all recruitments are against established positions.
• Ensures that positions for recruitment are clearly specified.
• Ensures that person specifications are clear.
• Ensures that vacancies that are to be filled are filled following applicable guidelines and
• those to be advertised are widely advertised both internally within UCAA and externally through approach.
• Ensures availability interview materials.
• Ensures that bonafide vacancies that require immediate filling are filled timely. so as to avoid loss of productivity and. possibly, effectiveness of UCAA as a whole.
Ensures that all staff have adequate facilities including offices and housing accommodation, and the maintenance of those facilities
• Plans and ensure timely and adequate provision of office accommodation for staff.
• Ensures availability of residential accommodation for essential service staff.
• Ensures a comprehensive provision for transport in the Business Plans.
• Accurately forecasts and recommends resources for staff training and development for inclusion in the Plans.
• Liaises with Directorates and ensures adequate resource allocation for the provision of office facilities and other related support services in their procurement estimates in the plans.
Coordinates continuous quality and performance surveillance on the output of all Human Resources within the Authority.
• Coordinates the initiatives aimed at ensuring that all the Authority’s staff have S.M.A.R Objectives.
• Influences all Directorates to ensure that all staff are trained, coached, regularly monitored and supported in order to achieve their set objectives.
• Ensures that all staff in the Authority are regularly appraised
• Initiates post appraisal actions for rewarding, developing, promoting or taking any other appropriate decisions in adherence with the Authority’s approved procedures.
• Enrolls all other Directorates to use the results of Staff Appraisals for deciding on future development and deployment of staff.
Directs, coordinates and controls the fleet of vehicles of the Authority.
• Liaises with the Directors and Managers and ensures availability of adequate number motor vehicles within the prescribed guidelines of usage.
Carries out any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the supervisor and/or management or the Board.
• Coordinates and ensures productive and effective general staff meetings.
• Ensures quality Senior staff retreats.
• Initiates Board papers relevant to the Directorate and guides the Board in their deliberations as appropriate.
• Initiates policies and procedures for the Directorate for the consideration of the Board

• A Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from a recognized! and accredited University with an honours Degree in any relevant discipline from a recognized! accredited University, with working experience of a minimum of 10 years in a large organization,
• 5 years of which must have been at Managerial level. Prior experience must have been in Human Resource Management and General Administration and/or Transport responsibilities in a large reputable organization.
• A Master's Degree in Public Administration or Business Administration or Management or Social Science or Industrial Psychology or Development Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management both from a recognized! and accredited
• University, and exposure of 10 years in a large organization, 5 years of which must have been at Managerial level. Prior experience must have been in Human Resource Management and General Administration and/or Transport.
• Exposure to Civil Aviation Management or Air Law training would be an added advantage.
• Proven understanding of Uganda and Regional Employment Laws is essential.
• Proven managerial competence with aptitude for effective analysis of the organization's working conditions, work hazards. employee motivation. Performance Management.
• Must be skilled in Employee Relation issues with clear prior experience negotiations with Employee Union Associations.
• Should have sound knowledge of internationally recognized Human Resource Management Principles, Policies and Procedures and International Labour Conventions and HR best practices
• Must be a seasoned People Manager with demonstrable prior experience and success in overseeing Staff productivity and Performance Management.
Should be a person of very high and unquestionable integrity and needless to emphasize any reported cases of questionable integrity before and after the interview as well as post appointment will lead to his/her cancellation from the process or termination of Employment.

Job Education Requirements: Master’s Degree

Job Experience Requirements: 5 -10 years

Work Hours: 8
Valid Till
19 Jan, 2021

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