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Avocats Sans Frontieres (ASF)
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22 March, 2023
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Avocats Sans Frontieres (ASF)

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Protecting procedural and constitutional rights through Access to Justice 

Objective of the assignment 

The main objective of the assignment is to develop public legal education tool kits for sensitization campaigns to raise awareness of the procedural and constitutional rights of pre-trial detainees.

Profile of the consultant

The consultant should have the following skills and experience: 

At least 5 years of experience in video, graphics, and content creation.

Proficiency in English, and knowledge of local languages is a comparative advantage; 

Degree in journalism, Media, and communication.

Possession of the following skills will be an added advantage;

  • Prowess in graphic designing
  • Content creator/marketing
  • Well-versed with corporate branding

Familiarity, contextual knowledge of, and experience working in Uganda.

Excellent interpersonal skills

Proven ability to Multitask and work under tight deadlines 


10 working days from 11th  – 24th April , 2023

ASF Contact and deadline

Applications must be submitted by 31st March 2023 A cover letter expressing interest in carrying out the consultancy 

A CV demonstrating relevant skills and experience and names of at least 2 references, preferably from organizations with which the consultant has conducted similar types of work. 

The indicative budget for consultant fees, detailing the activities, number of days and daily rate (Fees should be inclusive of all taxes as per the Income Tax Act Cap 340 and quoted in UGX)

Technical proposal

Sample of similar work done in the past (optional) 

Declare availability in April 2023. 

The documents should be submitted to and under the subject line Consultancy – Public legal education tool kits-PTD. 

Over View of Avocats Sans Frontières 

ASF is an international NGO, whose mission is to help bring about a fair and just society, in which the law serves vulnerable groups and communities. ASF is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and has missions in Uganda, Burundi &Tanzania in the East African Region. ASF also has missions in the Central African Republic, DR Congo, Morocco and Tunisia. In Uganda, ASF has been in operation since 2007 and is duly registered as an NGO under the laws of Uganda.

ASF brings over 25 years of experience in delivering legal aid worldwide. On issues of detention, ASF has consolidated an institutional strategy that combines a legal approach offering people in custody access to justice and a review of the legality of their detention, with a contextual analysis of the social, economic and political approaches to detention that lead to excessive deprivation of liberty. 


About the Project 

In Uganda, the administration of justice has developed negative practices and attitudes that limit the realization of the rights for people in conflict with the Law. In spite of a protective legal framework, systematic deviations from the legal standards of arrest, remand and pre-trial detention have become ordinary practices in the work of law enforcers and magistrates.  

The project is built on the following Theory of Change: The Administration of Justice in Uganda can abide by the Rule of Law, if and only if (1) Constitutional and procedural rights are protected in the administration of justice, in particular in situations where individuals in conflict with the Law are most vulnerable, i.e. in detention before trial. This implies that (2) Civil society, i.e. the general population and its intermediaries (CSOs, CBOs, Academia, media, trade unions, clan and other traditional structures etc.) are willing and able to demand for the protection of these rights, and that (3) justice seekers can access justice mechanisms. Those mechanisms are made responsive by (4) the accessibility of Legal Aid Service Providers for justice seekers in situations of pre-trial detention and (5) a positive change of behavior and attitude among criminal justice actors, who reconcile their practices with (6) a policy and legal framework designed by institutional stakeholders that respects national and international legal standards. 

The project’s rationale is to restore procedural rights in the practice of criminal justice, as an entry point for a greater adherence to human rights and the Rule of Law in Uganda. Therefore, the project’s approach is a holistic one, going beyond addressing detention issues in the administration of justice.  

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the realization of the Rule of Law in the administration of Justice in Uganda. To do this the following specific objectives and results are expected: 

Specific Objective: To foster the protection and promotion of constitutional and procedural rights in the administration of justice, with a focus on situations of detention

Expected Result 1: Enhanced capacity for civil society to advocate for the protection of constitutional and procedural rights 

Expected Result 2: Strengthened provision of legal aid services to uphold procedural rights in the administration of Justice

Expected Result 3: A stronger engagement with central institutions to influence policy 

For further information on the project, you can reach out to the contacts listed above. A full version of the project proposal along with relevant documents will be shared with the selected candidate.

Objectives of the assignment   

The main objective of the assignment is to develop public legal education tool kits for sensitization campaigns to raise awareness of procedural and constitutional rights of pre-trial detainees.


The consultant shall be hired to develop the public legal education tool kits for the sensitization campaigns under the project. This shall be mainly done through a desk review of project monitoring reports, KAP study report, and any other external literature on procedural and constitutional rights. The assignment shall commence with a brief inception meeting to further provide information and incites of the requirements of the assignment.

The consultant shall be required to develop toolkits for two categories of beneficiaries; the community and criminal justice actors. The tool kits for the community will include more visualized aids like posters, flyers, and leaflets among others which will target local leaders, religious leaders, local councils, and the general community members. The tool kits for the criminal justice actors that is the police, prisons, judicial officers (courts), office of the director of public prosecutions, and legal aid service providers shall include laminated posters, mini booklets of their roles, and flyers among others. 

The consultant with guidance from the ASF project team shall further refine and agree on the methodology during the inception discussions. Internal validation of the tools shall also be conducted after which feedback shall be gathered and incorporated into the final versions by the consultant for approval.  

Scope of work 

  • Desk review of the monitoring reports of paralegals and lawyers and the KAP report.
  • Briefing with ASF team to discuss methodology, target groups, timelines and tools.
  • Develop and design tool kits for public legal education.
  • Presentation of toolkits during internal validation 
  • Developing final toolkits with feedback incorporated

Timeline and Deliverables

The selected consultant will be expected to deliver the following:  

  • Submit an inception report outlining the methodology, target groups, timeline, and tools; 
  • Powerpoint presentation for the internal validation
  • Final approved tools for Public Legal Education. 

The assignment is expected to take only 10 working days from 11th to 24th April 2023.

Conditions of the Assignment

Payment shall be made based on deliverables as per ASF’s consultancy rates which inform the Agreement. 

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19 Jun, 2023 (17 days left)

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