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Uganda Tea Corporation Limited
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13 September, 2023
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Deputy Estate Manager Coffee

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Reports to:  Estate Manager

About the Organization

Uganda Tea Corporation Limited is a leading tea producer and exporter in Uganda. Her tea estates, namely Kasaku, Salama, and Luwala, are all situated within a 75km radius of Kampala, and cover over 2,500 Ha with 1,250 Ha developed under Tea, 400 Ha under forestry, 400 Ha under Coffee and the balance under matooke and cocoa all grown on a commercial scale. The organization runs a modern coffee factory situated at Luwala estate near Jinja city.

From our coffee farms at Salama Estate, the company is one of the largest growers of Robusta

coffee in Uganda. With a modern state-of-the-art coffee processing factory, the company is on

course to become a major player in the processing and export of coffee in Uganda.

Key Result Areas

Duties and Responsibilities

Plan, implemented and monitor the implementation of Coffee plantation activities in line with organization strategy and business plan

  • Prepare plans for Coffee plantation activities and present them to management.
  • Ensure all estate operations e.g. Coffee Picking, weeding, spraying, pruning, fertilizer applications etc are carried out in accordance with Company procedures and that high standard are maintained and improved on
  • Coordinate the implementation of Coffee plantation activities with division managers and superiors
  • Follow up with the Accounts Department to ensure Quality service delivery from all the contractors and suppliers. 
  • Responsible for approving all expenditures for running the estate i.e. wages will be your responsibility and supporting documents must be maintained according to Company procedures.
  • Responsible for drawing up and approval of all contracts in accordance with the company procedures, for work to be done on the estate before any work is undertaken. Thereafter you will ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the content and no payments are made until the work is carried out to your satisfaction. 

Develop strategies for the implementation of coffee Cherry quality standards and monitor the implementation and compliance to the standards 

  • Carry out inspections at fields and collection centers, assess the quality of coffee cherries for compliance to standards.
  • Develop strategies for coffee cherries management and compliance with the national and international standards and communicate to all field staff
  • Review reports from the factory Manager, make recommendations and follow-up on their implementation 
  • Set quality standards in line with Company policy. 

Manage the performance, development, welfare and benefits of staff in line with HR policies, union terms, and conditions

  • Coach subordinate staff and initiate in-house training and identify suitable training programs for staff
  • All Union matters will be dealt with by you in liaison with the HR office and you must ensure you have an in-depth knowledge of all Agreements between NUPAW(U) and U.T.C.L.
  • Plan for manpower and employee deployment 
  • Review attendance records and deployments and ensure that the workers are correctly paid.  
  • Maintain employee discipline, manage and settle conflicts and grievances in line with company policies and union terms and conditions 
  • Monitor staff performance and productivity 

Plan, monitor and evaluate the picking of coffee cherries and delivery to the factory

  • Plan and determine the location of coffee cherries collection centers.
  • Allocate collection vehicles and ensure timely collection of Coffee from the centers to the factory.
  • Prepare schedules for division Managers and communicate to them, receive and review daily reports take corrective measures 

Plan and prepare the field department's annual budgets, plans and monitor their performance  in line with the business strategy 

  • Coordinate planning, consolidate and prepare final budgets and plans for the Field Department
  • Follow-up on the implementation of planned activities
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress/success of field operations and present periodic field reports to management
  • Monitor the Field Department budget and approve/authorize expenditures
  • Annually, you will prepare crop Budgets for submission to the Board for approval in accordance with instructions received

Follow up on and report on the budget performance and account for all expenditures and variances 

  • All month returns must be checked and perused by you to ensure compliance with budget procedures. At all times accurate knowledge of your expenditure must be maintained to ensure you are running to budget costs. Any cost overruns should under normal circumstances be anticipated in advance and appropriate supplementary estimate requests are to be processed.
  • Participate in UTCL strategic planning and budgeting and in subsequent reviews of the strategy 
  • Run company estates profitably

Estate Administration:  Establish and maintain relationships with workers and key stakeholders in line with the business strategy

  • Build and maintain excellent relationship with both the workers and other key stakeholders to ensure availability of quality green leaf as per the company quality policy. 
  • All Company assets within the estate will be your responsibility and you will have to ensure proper records are maintained at all times and due attention is given to asset protection
  • All Estate roads must be maintained to a high standard at all times. (Budgetary control limits accepted) and regular inspection reports monitored and maintained.
  • As part of your duties, you will be required to make regular inspections of all estate boundaries to ensure they are secure and on encroachment is taking place. 
  • All boundary roads to be maintained such that they can be driven along. All boundaries/fence lines to be maintained and kept tidy at all times.
  • All buildings on the estate must be maintained to a high standard at all times and regular inspection reports monitored maintained.

You will be responsible for ordering all stores and spares required by your estate in line with Company procedures.

  • You will be responsible for ensuring all stock records, check rolls and other documents used in running the estate are properly kept, and up to date.
  • Security of the estate will be your responsibility. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all estate operations are carried out in safe and secure manner and that appropriate protective clothing is worn at all times especially for the sprayers.
  • You will be required to compile the standard Monthly Report outlining activities carried out on the estate the previous month, to be submitted on the 3rd day of the following month.

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Valid Till
11 Dec, 2023 (72 days left)

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