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10 July, 2024
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Full Time
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Site Supervisor

Job Presentation

Job Title: Site Supervisor

Reports To: Operations Manager

Job Purpose 

Responsible for overseeing and coordinating site activities at the worksite. The role is  pivotal in ensuring that projects are executed efficiently, safely, and in compliance with  the client’s plans and specifications. You will lead and manage the team, providing  guidance, and resolving any on-site issues that may arise.

Responsibilities/ Key  Deliverables 

  • Be focal person for overall operations (transportation and lifting) at the worksite. ∙ Personnel Management: Supervise and lead on-site personnel, including  coordinators, technicians, operators, and administration. Provide guidance,  training, and support to ensure a competent and motivated workforce. ∙ Equipment Coordination: Manage the deployment and utilization of equipment  required for the project. Coordinate with logistics and maintenance teams to  ensure equipment availability, functionality, and compliance with safety standards. ∙ Safety Compliance: Enforce strict adherence to safety protocols and regulations on the project site. Conduct regular safety inspections, identify potential hazards, and  implement corrective actions to prevent accidents and incidents. 
  • Quality Control: Monitor and ensure the quality of work being carried out by the  team and subcontractors. Conduct inspections to verify compliance with project  specifications and industry standards. 
  • Project Planning: Collaborate with project manager and operations manager to  understand project goals, objectives, and timelines. Assist in the development of  detailed work plans and schedules for effective project execution. 
  • Progress Reporting: Provide regular updates on project progress, workforce  productivity, and equipment performance to project management. Prepare  detailed reports, highlighting achievements and addressing challenges. 
  • Resource Allocation: Efficiently allocate resources, including manpower,  equipment, and materials, to optimize project efficiency and productivity. ∙ Environmental Compliance: Ensure that all environmental regulations and  guidelines are followed during project operations. Implement measures to  minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability. 
  • Problem-solving: Address on-site issues promptly and effectively. Employ problem solving skills to resolve technical, logistical, and personnel-related challenges. ∙ Communication: Foster effective communication channels between on-site teams,  subcontractors, and project stakeholders. Ensure smooth flow of information and  collaboration. 
  • Change Management: Manage changes in project scope, schedules, and resources,  ensuring that adjustments are communicated and implemented smoothly. ∙ Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, permits,  and licenses required for the projects. 
  • On-site Coordination: Coordinate with subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers to  ensure timely delivery of materials and services as per project requirements.

Person Specification 

Education, Training,  Skills & Experience 

Education & Training  

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or related field. 
  • Certified in fleet management, health, safety & environment. 
  • Certified in maintenance and brake systems 
  • Medical fitness to work certificate  

Skills and Experience  

  • Minimum of 15 years’ experience

How to apply.

All candidates should send their updated CVs and application letters through Brightermonday Portal by Clicking on the 'Apply Now ' section 

Valid Till
7 Oct, 2024 (83 days left)

Brighter Monday Uganda
plot 141 Kira road, Kamwokya, Kampala
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