- specialises in domestic, industrial electronics repair and Power Supply: High
Voltage Electrical Lines (air and underground), Electrical Network for Transportation
and Distribution, Electricity Transformation Substations
(reinforced stations or open air stations), Transformation Centers (to reduce or
increase power). - Traction Substations: Systems in direct current (750 Vcc,
1500 Vcc and 3000 Vcc), Systems in alternate current (1 x 25 KVca y 2 x 25 KVca).
- Aerial Contact Line: standard overhead Catenary lines CR-160 and CR-220, high
speed 350 Km/h Catenary, rigid Catenary.
• Energy sector:
- High and low Voltage electrical lines and networks.
- Renewable energies: Wind power plants, solar power
plants, biomass.
- Power facilities and electrification.
- Signalling and telecommunications.
- Traffic management systems and Intelligent transport
systems (ITS).
- Installations in railways stations and transport terminals.
- Installations and facilities in industries.
As well as on general installations works focused in mentioned sectors,
• Energy efficiency: Enhancement of energy performance,
energy evaluation in illumination systems, and thermal generations

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