This handles Water and the Environment: Projects for supply, drainage, reservoirs,
sewage ,drilling of bore holes ,shallow wells, Ferro cement and poly plast tanks
systems, irrigation and pipelines, pumping stations, treatment, water purification and
channelling. Water management systems (SAIH, SAICA).
- Telecontrol systems for supply, distribution and sewerage networks. - Telecontrol
systems for irrigable areas. water management both in hydrographic basins and in
supply networks, sewage treatment, water treatment and irrigation:- SAIH
(Automated Systems for Hydrological Information) - Remote Control Networks -
SAD (Development Assistance Systems) - Hydrological and Hydraulic Models
- Control Centers and SCADA Centers and Salient projects in the fields of flood
forescasting decision support system
Besides conventional water projects, specific studies are also carried out, such as
dredging works, marine outfalls, offshore wind foundations, power plant’s water
intake structures, contingency plans against marine pollution, etc. The area of
Maritime engineering has a high degree of expertise in all stages of design
(preliminary design, basic engineering, detailed engineering, master plan, construction
supervision, etc), and for all the necessary infrastructure (breakwaters, docks, land
reclamation, navigation areas, equipment and facilities, etc). The area has also the
support from other areas of Kamol, and from external partners, specialized in related
fields, in order to provide comprehensive management in the works that are carried

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