SSL, CodeGuard and SiteLock Website Security

Price: $19.99/Year
Whether you need an SSL Certificate to encrypt your website data as it traverses between the web server and your site visitors computers, or you need a daily backup of your website files and databases in the cloud to enable you effortlessly restore them in case of a disaster, or need a daily malware scan of your website files and databases, we have you covered.

Benefit from our partnership with the internet security giants, enabling you increase your website’s trust online and consequently improving your website’s search engine ranking and search engine optimization which in turn will boost your sales online.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. An SSL Certificate will tell your website visitors that the website they are visiting is secure and information sent to or through that website is encrypted.

Whenever collecting information from your website visitors, we highly recommend that you use SSL. Visitors will always be hesitant to send information through your website whenever they notice that it is not using SSL or https.

Jubilee Web Host offers SSL Certificates from the World’s most trusted and most popular digital Certificate Authorities. Below are a few of the many SSL Website Security solutions offered by Jubilee Web Host plus their annual pricing.

* Comodo Posi-tiveSSL ($19.99)
- Single Domain, Domain Valida-tion, Issued in Minutes

* Comodo Posi-tiveSSL Wild-card ($129.95)
- Multiple Subdomains, Domain Validation, Issued in Minutes

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