At 20Cube, we make sure one thing travels with your shipment across the world; Accountability. Our global information management system guarantees uninterrupted communication throughout the transportation process.

This enables you to track, trace, schedule shipments and generate customised reports swiftly and effectively.

With our tracking system your shipment is never out of sight. This ensures total peace of mind. With online tracking you have a virtual supply chain in your hands and an enhanced control of your business. Here is how we simplify your logistics operations:

Event based tracking
Scheduling shipments
Real-time updates and quick web-enabled solutions for better control
Updated overview of the whereabouts of products

We believe that the true success of any transaction depends on clear and transparent reporting. And hence we’ve made a huge investment in creating a customised system that allows real-time reporting across all our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This enables our clients to highlight any key performance indicators which need improvement. We work as partners to ensure adherence to KPIs and all of the approved logistical targets.

The monthly report pack contains:

Number of deliveries and the % receipted on time

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