galvanized iron pipe fittings, hardware plumbing

pipe clamps, Galvanized iron pipe and fittings, brass and stainless steel pipe and fittings, zinc alloy and brass valves and fittings, shark-bite brass fittings, push-fit brass fittings, Taps/Faucets, shower heads, Shower fittings, plastic pipe cutters, welding machines for ppr system, reamer, beding spring, peeler, repair rod, pressure testing pump, axe, bench vise, bolt cutter, caulking gun, chain saw, chain, charcoal iron, power brushm combination spanner, curved jaw lock grip plier, cutting wheel, diamond blade, door bolt,drill bits, flame gun blazing torch, foam gun, formwork clamp, hammer, handsaw, hex key, hoe, jack, jerry can, meat grinder, paint roller brush, pap pex pipe pressing tool, welding machine, pick axe,pipe wrench, plaster trowel, plier, plumb bob, putty knife, rake, rachet die, screw driver, sickle, socket, spade, spanner, stone chisel, straping tape, tire repair patch, torch, wire puller, wrecking crow bar, measuring tape, pipe cutter, blender,cutter

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