Web based HR and Payroll software system in Uganda

+256750614536 Web based HR and Payroll software system in Uganda. Manual payroll management is a time-consuming thing. Time saving, automatic, and fully web based WorkPro HR & Payroll software is what you need in Uganda. WorkPro was created to make payroll simple and efficient. Save money and time by paying your employees on time and without a hitch.
Easy Processing. Streamlines all your payroll processes into a single platform for ease of use. Never worry about double-entry again; make your payroll software work wonderfully in Uganda. Automatic payroll processes will ensure that your employees are paid on time and on a consistent basis.
A payroll experience that your employees will love. Provide your team with a single place to see and manage their payslips, leaves, benefits information, employee self-service and much more. Contact us: +256750614536 / +256784313767

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