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So we're an international (Canadian) construction company that had just entered the Ugandan market with a turn key government project, about to roll, and we want our local company running on the country domain so we needed domain name, hosting and corporate e-mails done ASAP, as important business meetings were underway, and a website for local services in the shortest time possible. All our recently printed businesses cards had the local company website and e-mail addresses on; yet we'd not even met the providers. One of our local contacts who knew the market well, gave us the name of this company and said it was the fasted they knew - by evening same day we had called and met two of their team, and run down of what we needed

In the meetings the next day, the people I gave my card, had checked on the website ( I didn't think they would so immediately), and while chatting up after the meeting, folks were telling me ... wow you have such a great website, it looks so good even on mobile. Looking on their mobile, I'm thinking - that must be wrong, but I kept a smile on, on checking, that was pretty much our logo, and pretty much us. I was impressed at the speed and quality

We have been in business since 2013, and given more than 4 more projects. They have the capacity to understand what you need and deliver it

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