Review Great experience in Kenya

Great experience in Kenya
I have just returned from a volunteering experience with Go Volunteer Africa at an orphanage and childcare centre near Nairobi. From start to finish the experience was unforgettable. On arrival I was instantly made to feel at home. The staff and other volunteers were really happy to have an extra hand of help and the management answered any questions we had and they guided us well.

I felt comfortable in my surroundings. Before starting work at the orphanage we were given a quick briefing which made me feel confident about the work we were undertaking.

Within minutes of arriving at the orphanage I had fallen in love with the kind-hearted yet cheeky children there. Their enthusiasm to learn was inspiring and their English vocabulary was vast, filling me with confidence that the Go Volunteer Africa volunteers were doing a great job.

The best part of the trip was the Masai Mara safari, watching the wildebeest was truly amazing. Looking forward to the best experience in Malawi with Go Volunteer Africa.

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