Review of Kenya Airways Uganda Office

Review of Kenya Airways Uganda Office
I was booked on fligh KQ 417, on O1May from Entebbe to Nairobi. The queue formed was being jumped by favourites of ground hostesses/hosts.
Several people complained.When I also voiced my displeasure, I was iimmediately picked on by the offending hostess for punishment .They pretended to let me pass then shuffled me to and fro tills for over 10 minutes before weghing in my laggage, luckly it was exactly 30kgs. My hand laggage was under 5kgs.
Then my woman tormentor invented another way of totally humiliating me.She said my hand laggage was too big and asked me to remove all the contents of my hand laggage which was mainly my underwear and to stuff it in my hand bag.I reluctantly obliged, after enduring several minutes of that humiliation, when all other travellers had all left, the male tormentor said I could now go.
That is when it dawned on to me that I had been a subjct of humiliation for complaining about a sloppy service.
I have since relived this nightmare and wondered why I should be humiliated by Kenya Airways over a service I paid my hard earned cash for?
I demand an apology from Kenya Airways. I would also like to see better treatment of passengers at Entebbe Airport check- in- point.
Margaret Kirunda.

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