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This supermarket is good and the owner is a very nice man .the problem is the workers mostly the women on the counters love to gossip a lot and at a loud pitch hhhhhhmmm.they also talk about the customers wen they a just standing there.these people have made my friends hate this supermarket Bauhaus branch.thx
I have been scammed by this company too, They told me they were part of Yahoo as I had a problem with my email and I found them when I had searched for Yahoo help. They asked me to type an address in my search bar and this then gave them complete control of my laptop and all my details. I am reporting them to the Metropolitan Police Action Fraud department. I have changed my bank cards and all my passwords. The strangest thing is that they sent me two emails invoice for the money I stupidly paid them for "fixing" my email and I just went to look for them for the police investigation and they have disappeared!!! Now I am worried that they still have access to my computer.
They pretend to be part of Yahoo and then tell you that you have been hacked and have lots of viruses and they need to work on your computer to clean it up. All they do is get onto your computer, gain information about all your private things, pretend to be working on cleaning the computer up and then charge you an exorbitant amount for doing absolutely nothing for your problem and then they are probably stealing all your information at the same time.
Do not use them and please spread the word about them. I am worried how they are getting away with this all over the world too.
i had my internship traning here its agreat company and i really learned a lot of new things from here.