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Kedi Amos
Rikens Holdings Ltd is indeed a champion at what it does!
I had a contract and unfortunately met some financial challenges, made a fast decision to approach them. To my surprise,they acted very fast and covered all the financial gaps I had.
I successfully completed my client's contract, was well paid and fully settled Rikens Holdings. All this was done at affordable rates with a high sense of time management.

Thank you so much the management of Rikens Holdings Ltd and your Team!
Deidrah McAulay-Dodo
I am a parent who has just withdrawn my two students from there. When an administration fails to even listen to the concerns of a parent and yells and screams at the parents and even resorts to calling the student fake when they have admitted to student, then there is a real problem. I encourage all parents who may even think of JIPRA to consider elsewhere. There are other schools in and around Jinja where parents can get an administration who will cooperate and not just abuse. And imagine, this happened during the season of Ramadan when the Director is fasting and yet he can behave in such a manner. I do not regret by any means withdrawing my sons. I have enrolled them in another school in Jinja that actually performs BETTER then Jipra. While JIPRA is number 16 this school is number 6 and has been beating JIPRA for the last 3 years. Administration needs to reform otherwise they will lose more than just two students.
Gregory Peter
Great work on our plotter and Copier,