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Highly recommendable services
My husband hired 5 different electrians to fix our security lights on the gate at the entrance. The line runs from the main house where we have the control switches. About 2 months ago, we got a problem; we could turn on the switch but nothing would come-on (lights) at the gate. We hired these electricians but none of them was able to solve the problem. Until we were referred to Central Hydro Uganda. The guys at Central have the skills, high-tech tools and in less than 3 hrs the lights were working again. The problem was a wire in the conduit which broke along the line so the circuit wasn't completing. All i want to say is that don't scratch your head trying to figureout the problem, give them a call.
I had almost a similar problem in my house, a wire inside the wall was worn out and broken. I brought in different guys but none could fix the problem; until I was referred to a retired UEB gentleman (78 years old). A seemingly touch equation took a retiree single handedly 6 hours to get everything working again. Don't you think that's amazing?
I was at Central Hydro buying pieces of dc wire connectors and the power went off. The gal turned on the generator and I could smell the petrol fumes and my nose were bothered. PLEAS PLACE THE EXHAUST PIPE FAR FROM THE CUSTOMER ZONE.
Thank you for bringing YAKA prepaid meter services closer to home.
The digital sub-meters I bought from you in April made a great difference. The analog type were not very accurate. Thank you
Great company with excellent services