Cement Supplier for Building in Uganda

IBM Building & Construction Material Supply Company Uganda is a leading supplier of Aggregate Stones, Hardcore Stones, Cement, Lake-Sand, Timber & Wood, Readymix Concrete, etc in Uganda - Kampala, for major and medium construction projects within Uganda. www.ibmbuildingmaterials.co.ug, TEL +256781580278, +256704032414

Looking for quality all-purpose cement? Whether it’s a DIY or building project trust IBM Building & Construction Material Supply Company Uganda for all-purpose cement to do the job perfectly. Our all-purpose cement is high quality cement that adheres to industrial building requirements sourced from the major leading producers of cement factories in Uganda for producing tailor-made concrete, mortar and plaster that stands the test of time with stability. IBM Building & Construction Material Supply Company Uganda is a trusted brand by industry leaders and DIY enthusiasts alike which is dependable for its excellence in construction, structural work and much more.
Cement products are generally categorized by strength, ranging from 35.5, 42.5 and 52.5, with the higher number indicating a higher strength. The strength class is determined by standard tests conducted at either two or seven days, and again at 28 days. The strength class is usually followed by the letters ‘N’ or ‘R’, with the former indicating normal strength, and the latter indicating rapid strength gain. www.ibmbuildingmaterials.co.ug

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