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Five Star Company!
I've never written a review for a weighing scales company before, but I wanted to acknowledge great service when I receive it. The team Eagle Weighing Scales sent out to my factory in Namanve, showed up on time delivered and installed the weighbridges. I recommend them highly for their professionalism. they know the business and I think would make a good teacher for entry level workers just starting in this type of work. It's not a glamorous business, but can be very costly for the factory owner. All the more reason to have somebody you trust do the work and not take advantage of a situation where you can't do it yourself and must have pros do the work.

Excellent Services offered by Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd
Technicians at Eagle Weighing Systems are really fast and effiecient,we had a breakdown of weighing equipment at Allied Metals Ltd here in Jinja and we were working at a loss but these guys came to our rescue and repaired all the faulty weighing scales. I recommend them to any weighing scale issues