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This is the worst private hospital I have met of late. They are not professional. One of thier staff tried to force on my wife when she had gone to market products. very dirty hospital, filthy.
That's abysmal,nefarious & an investigation should have been instigated & a punitive action served to the culprit.However,i'm also inclined instead to presume that the repugnant piece of action by the reprobate employee,is the proximate cause of your animosity against Norvik hospital.
I have had a terrible experience with this hospital, as is evidenced by my email to their manager of customer care, Mr Sughadev. The letter is presented here below:

Dear Mr Sughadev,

I was very upset with you today because you wasted my valuable time, and in so doing worsened my medical condition. I had an appointment for 6.30pm to see the visiting Neuro surgeons from India. You called me and urged me to change it to 6.00pm. I was at your hospital at 5.30pm, but by 6.15 you were no where to be seen. I tried to call your phone for 30 minutes and you were not picking it. The ladies at the reception, who are often as incompetent as yourself, had no clue about my appointment. Worse still, there were other patients who had the same appointment time as myself, that is for 6.00pm.

A few days ago you wasted my valuable time in the same way. You requested me in the wee hours of the evening, to bring my MRI scan results to your office. I rushed over to your hospital the next day, but when I got there, you told me that you had e mailed the scan results to India, which you got from SYS ( without my consent by the way), and had no need for my scan results!

I am suffering from slip discs and it is very painful for me to sit down for any length of time. So, it is extremely annoying that you should waste my time and worsen my condition at the same time. So, please, bearing in mind the fact that I am not a beggar, I pay for every medical treatment I get from your hospital, I am not your employee or your relative or your slave, you should never, ever, ever, waste my valuable time. In fact, basing on my personal experience, I have very serious doubts about the credibility of Norvik hospital and it's staff. Honestly, people like you should not be working in hospitals at all.


Oscar Bamuhigire.
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