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I sent my money to bank of baroda with all my
number of bank of baroda) but why didn't they deposit my money on my account number the Stc pay sent to them?
I want to know weather the money which has been sent to me from Germany it has reached to my account
I would like to know if the results for the recently concluded(7/10/2018) written interviews for the post of banking assistant are yet out.thax
I would like to know if my visa debt card is finished at your office
Is internrnship open for the period of jan-feb?
What is the swift code of bank of Baroda (U) Ltd. Kampala Main branch
I went to withdraw money on the ATM card after I didn't pick the money on the machine immediately then it went back inside the machine and when I check on my account its not they what can I do to get my money back

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